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Disabled Bathrooms

A Bathroom Designed for Your Needs

Harpers Plumbers St Albans specialise in the fitting and installation of Disabled Bathrooms and Shower Rooms. An accessible bathroom can restore pride and allow an individual to live their life in a far more normal manner.

We install all necessary adaptations including:

• Support bars
• Slip resistant surfaces on shower base,
• Installation of hand railings
• Widening of doorways
• Hand-held shower heads
• Installation of ramps
• Walk-in tubs
• Install grab bars
• Easy turn taps and knobs
• Install higher toilets
• Wheelchair showers
• Carer friendly enclosurers
• Easy access and step in trays,
• Grap rails,
• Shower chairs

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There are 3 main types of showers available, electric, mixer valve or all-in-one power shower.

Thermostatic showers control the temperature of the water and are very stable. The upper water temperature can be fixed to avoid scalding. Electric showers only heat the water that they use and are therefore very efficient. Mixer Valves use the existing hot and cold water which may come from either the storage tank or hot water cylinder or from a combination boiler. Mixer valves can be coupled with a pump which then becomes a Power shower.

Level Access Showers - Level access or sometimes called walk - in showers basically means that there is no step at all into the showering area. So gaining access into your shower means no trip hazards for the elderly and less able. Fitted with non slip flooring the risk of slipping is reduced by a significant amount. Safety and comfort can be further improved with ancillary products such as grab rails, shower seats and half height shower doors.

Easy Access Shower Enclosures - Easy access or sometimes called step in means that the normal height needed to create a shower tray has been reduced to reduce the height where you enter the shower. There are many types of easy access shower enclosures designed for all types of installation.

Half Height Enclosure Doors - Half height enclosure doors enable a carer or helper to assist a person using the shower without having to enter the showering area. They come in a variety of designs, designed to suit virtually any application.

Temporary Shower Cubicle - In some instances you may need to have a mobility shower installed on a temporary basis. These easy to install cubicles can be sited without the need to disrupt your existing bathroom. They come complete with everything needed and are ready to use and suitable for the less able. They can be level access or surface mounted and can be sited in a bedroom to create an en suite facility, or in an alternative room to the existing bathroom. For example they can be sited downstairs if it is not possible for a user to climb the stairs.

Flooring - The flooring solution within a disabled bathroom can either be like that of a wet room where the floor gradient is designed to guide waste water into the drain or a special low-profile shower tray can be installed. There are benefits to both of these flooring types; the wet room solution provides more versatility in the design of your bathroom, whilst a low-profile shower tray can be easily installed without the disruption that a full scale wet room installation can cause. However the best solution for is the one which best fits your needs and we will work closely with you to ensure the design provides the most effective solution.

Accessories - A variety of accessories are available to complete your bathroom. Shower units come in a number of styles, shower seats can be folding or removable, support rails can be angled or straight and different lengths and matching towel rings, toilet roll holders and toilet brushes are available.

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